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Expedition 1899. Camp Carnegie, Wyoming.
Expedition 1899. At work in Quarry D, Wyoming. Dr. Holland and Dr. Wortman.
Expediton 1899. Crating Diplodocus in Quarry D, Wyoming.
Expediton 1899. Stripping off the surface. Quarry D, Wyoming.
At dinner, Camp Carnegie, 1899.
Expedition 1899. Quarry D. Wyoming. Femur in place.
Expedition 1899. Wyoming. A visit by the American Museum of Natural History.
Expedition 1899. Quarry D, Wyoming.
Quarry D, Wyoming.
Wortman, Reed in center.
Expedition 1900. Excavating in Quarry D, Wyoming. Gilmore and Patten.
Quarry D. Stripping off surface. Chas. Gilmore and Mr. Patten.
O.A. Peterson in Dinosaur Camp. Packing up the day's collecting.
Expedition 1922. Setting for moving picture near the Dinosaur Monument quarry Utah.
Field work, Utah. Muck car in Dinosaur Qarry.
Field work, Utah. Hauling dinosaur bones to the railroad.
Seven caudals of Apatosaurus.
Dinosaur camp in Utah; Mr Douglass in his garden
Camp on Douglass' farm.
Kay, Ainge and Schuler moving block to crate.
Wagon train assembled to move dinosaur bones.
Jacob A. Kay and Joe Ainge moving block down trail to loading station.
Men worked the quarry face even throughout the winter.
Portrait of William J. Holland
Setting up the backbone of Diplodocus in the British Museum.
British Museum
Staff of the Section of Vertebrate Paleontology in 1903.
Railroad tracks and home-made mine car at Carnegie Quarry.
Jacob A. Kay and Joe Ainge with Billy and Joe.
Dr William J. Holland sitting on base of Diplodocus cast bound for British Museum.
Schuler tipping dump cart.
Galerie de Paleontologie; Museum d'Histoire Naturelle; Jardin des Plantes, Paris.
British Museum
Early picture of Dinosaur Hall showing actual Diplodocus carnegii skeleton.

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