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Mind Models:
Artificial Intelligence Discovery At Carnegie Mellon

[Photo of Allen Newell (University Archives)]For a half century, Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in the research and design of artificial intelligence (AI) - the creation of "thinking machines". Many of Carnegie Mellon's achievements came from pioneering work by professors Herbert A. Simon and Allen Newell.

Individually and as research partners, Simon and Newell studied the way people solve problems. They developed computer programs that used human strategies for decision making. Designing these programs led to important theories in cognitive psychology - the study of think (cognition).

[Photo of Herbert A. Simon (University Archives)]

The work of Simon and Newell inspired advancements in cognitive theory and computer science at Carnegie Mellon and at universities worldwide. Allen Newell was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1992. Herbert A. Simon's wide ranging knowledge in several fields of study was recognized in his 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics.

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